Downcle- Sustainable Down Pillow

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Recycled Materials

Made in USA

Machine Washable

Pillow in a Pillow

Why Downcle Pillow

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

What's in your Downcle

GRS Certified Filling


OEKO-TEX® Fabric


d2w® Biodegradable Bag

Recyclable Package

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I love this super soft pillow!

I have a lot of neck problems, so I decided to try this pillow. The first thing I noticed was it comes with a super soft silky covering which zips over the pillow. The second thing was how heavy it was. So I’ve slept on it for a few weeks and can honestly say that I haven’t had a neck ache since. Another great thing is how you can just flip it over and it feels like new again. It’s like it sucks air back in when you fluff it. I love this pillow.

Highly recommend this recycle soft bed pillow!

So comfy , great night sleep excellent pillow it’s the first king size pillow I have and no regrets, it’s gigantic Super fluffy I highly recommend recycle down and feathered blend soft bed pillow, you’re gonna love it!

You won't be disappointed with this pillow!

The Recycled Down and Feather Blend Soft Bed Pillow will not disappoint as it is generously stuffed making it soft yet sturdy. The pillow alone is perfect but the manufacturer went a step further covering it with a soft, velvety padded zipped cover. No pillow case needed here!

You won’t go wrong with this pillow!

This pillow is extremely high quality. My biggest issue with it is that it’s a little too full of fill at this point for me, personally. I need a little flatter of a pillow. That said, I am sure after some time it will be perfect. It shipped timely, was well packaged and again is very very high quality. You won’t go wrong with this one!

The best pillow I have ever slept on!

This pillow is kind of odd. It comes in two parts - the interior piece is down and the exterior is polyester. I guess that is why there are two parts - I think the polyester part is washable and the down is not Once you fluff them up, you stuff the down part inside the other and zip it up. Once it is together is is very fluffy. I think it will sleep OK, doesn’t seem like it will go flat, which is good!.