Make a Green Change in Your Sleep

Transforms textile trash into a bedding treasure

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Making one Downcle pillow saves

25 Water Bottles

0.45 lbs. CO2

5.94 gal Water

5 Geese

Downcle Recycled Pillow

Elevate Your Sleep in A Green Way

A recycled pillow for conscious sleeping
A detachable pillow designed for all sleep positions
A supportive pillow for every posture
A pillow adjustable to your comfort
Sleep green with our eco-friendly pillows

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In absolute love with this eco-friendly pillow. Its detachable and adjustable to my sleeping preference. I love the firmness and support.

Steve Jordans

My husband is a side sleeper, so he likes the support, but I’m a back sleeper, so I like the softness. This pillow is the perfect combination of both!

Willy Bridge

I used to wake up with a stiff neck, but this comfortable pillow is great because it can be adjusted to fit my sleeping preferences. 

Jennifer S

Our Story, Our Process

To make a sustainable home & lifestyle
more accessible and affordable for everyone

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