Recycled Down: A Better Alternative?

Downcle takes pride in ensuring the smallest possible carbon footprint in our manufacturing process. With the Downcle bedding line, we are advancing this vision even further. Even though the idea of recycling has gained a lot of popularity recently, recycled textiles are still stigmatized as old, worn-out, or used. Our goal is to normalize recycled filling and textiles to truly instill the notion of sustainability among consumers.  

Luxury With a Conscience

Down fill is insulating, resilient, and naturally biodegradable. Down is considered one of the most durable fills available, perfect for a circular economy. Making sustainability a priority has led to technologies that enable products to be reused without compromising their quality or hygiene. Recycling down is a massive step towards minimizing textile waste and preserving our valuable resources. 

Post-consumer down, also known as recycled down, refers to down that has been used by a consumer and then discarded or replaced. In most cases, post-consumer down can be found in used jackets, duvet inserts, comforters, pillows, and other thermal insulation products. These items are collected from customers to prevent them from ending up in landfills. 

From Waste to Warmth: Processing Used Down

We have put your hygiene and safety first since the beginning of our journey, by operating under a strict quality control system to ensure only the finest materials reach our production process. Our down fill is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified. In addition, High-Temperature Washing ensures that raw materials are sterilized, leaving behind the smallest amount of chemical substances during the production process.

For Downcle’s recycling process, we either collect down directly from customers or get it from companies that specialize in sorting and selling used down. Our collected down is delicately washed with specialized detergents to ensure dirt or dust mites do not compromise the quality of your bedding. Washing is followed by drying and separation of feathers and down. Finally, the down and feather fill we use is chemically disinfected for your safety and sanitation. Considering the repeated cleaning and sorting process, recycled down is sometimes considered cleaner than virgin down.

The convenience of reprocessing the collected down makes it easier to bring recycled down back into the market. This cuts down on time, energy, and resources, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint.

Recycled Down: The New Frontier in Responsible Luxury

Let’s talk comfort. There is a little more to understanding comfort than what meets the eye. The comfort of down is primarily attributed to the shape and composition of down clusters. Down clusters determine the degree of warmth and quality of a down-filled bed. Fill power is a good indicator of loft, quality, and durability of down-filled bedding, referring to the cubic inches one down cluster occupies. Down’s unparalleled warmth and extreme lightweight nature set it apart from all other insulation options.

The resilience and bounce of down are partly due to the oil and fats present in each filament. The elaborate process of washing and cleaning used down does not compromise the durability or warmth of the down clusters we use. Brittle down clusters that break down during the wash process are separated, so that the recycled down clusters left behind are strong and have a high moisture and oil content. When properly processed, recycled down has no difference in quality from virgin down. Recycled down is even subjected to the same quality testing as virgin down. A recycled down option can also make a massive difference in the growing demand for virgin down. 

Re-Engineered to Perform

Downcle is a step towards a more transparent down supply chain. Knowing how a product is made is just as important as its quality. Traceability in the bedding industry allows consumers to know all the stages of production, from sourcing raw material to the final stitching. This transparency enables us to trace back feathers to their original farms and ensure ethical and sustainable practices at every level, helping you sleep better every night.

The challenges of waste management, insensitive labor practices, and rising landfills will take years to resolve, but we can address these issues together with Downcle, one recycled bedding product at a time. Downcle is a company with a conscience that produces eco-friendly comforters, pillows, and other bedding products.

Our products are about 95% recycled, which directly reflects our concern for the environment. Downcle is the perfect marriage of luxury and sustainability — transforming recycled materials into a sustainable lifestyle. Our recycled products are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and OEKO-TEX certified to ensure that our products incorporate as many sustainable materials as possible. We use recyclable materials for the fabric, lining, feather fill, polyester fill, synthetic fibers, zipper, and thread to embody our commitment to our planet in every one of our products. 

Bedding has never felt so responsibly made; our products are filled with only the finest quality down, reclaimed from reused pillows and comforters. Join our community of visionaries and trailblazers to experience products that redefine the composite of sustainability and sophistication. As part of our mission to offer an ultimate sleep sanctuary, we strive to reinforce a new era of conscious living with every purchase.


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