Why Choose Downcle?

Sustainability has become a global trend over the years as more people understand their role in ensuring that the world we live in remains habitable for future generations. However, with so many businesses claiming to follow sustainable practices, it becomes difficult to know what’s truly sustainable and what’s just greenwashing.

Checking for green or organic certifications is an excellent way to ensure that you have purchased a sustainable product from a company that promotes environmental responsibility. In addition, green certifications for eco-friendly products help manufacturers confirm that their production process is sustainable, and follows the regulations laid out by the authorities. 

For consumers, these certifications help ensure traceability. Traceability enables consumers to identify and trace the history, distribution, and location of the products and materials being used to maintain ethical standards, hygiene, and human rights compliance.

Nothing compares to the comfort and warmth that down provides. By recycling down, we can help extend the life of this exceptionally resilient material and create a more sustainable textile industry. All Downcle products are thoroughly washed at high temperatures to meet the strictest cleanliness standards. Staying true to the principles outlined by Global Recycled Standard, we are committed to using environmentally responsible materials and processes to create warm and sustainable down companions.

Global Recycle Standard

The Global Recycle Standard or GRS was formulated to verify the environmental, social, and chemical practices of companies around the globe. GRS defines specifications for social impact, assuring safe labor practices, and monitoring toxic chemical and environmental pollution in the production process. While Textile Exchange owns GRS, its wide range of products does not consist exclusively of textile products but can include any product containing recycled materials.

Downcle is GRS certified, ensuring that our finished products incorporate maximum sustainable materials and are produced responsibly – keeping social, environmental, and chemical considerations in mind. 

OEKO-TEX Certification

For ethical manufacturers, it is essential to be certain that their business supports a sustainable manufacturing process. The OEKO-TEX Standard is a globally recognized certification and an international standard that attests to product safety and social responsibility. Founded in 1992, the Zurich-based International OEKO-TEX Association has over 40 offices. The association’s multiple certifying standards, such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and OEKO-TEX Standard 1000, have become essential measures for consumer safety.

Downcle adheres to OEKO-TEX Certification guidelines, courtesy of REPREVE. Known globally for its excellence, REPREVE by Unifi is one of the leading sustainable performance fibers. REPREVE is recycled polyester made from discarded plastic bottles. Downcle uses REPREVE as the outer fabric shell to promote sustainable consumption.

The REPREVE fabric has exceptional thermal regulation, odor control, and moisture-wicking properties. Global Recycle Standard certified REPREVE brings you the best in green innovation and technology.


The YKK Fastening Products Group is consistently working towards responsible consumption and is one of the leading zippers and fastening products companies. With a global reputation for quality, the Downcle line of products uses YKK NATULON zippers, a derivative under the green initiative of the YKK Group.

The YKK NATULON zippers are made of post-consumer plastic bottles. Implementing mechanical recycling, the bottles are pulverized and turned into pellets, then recycled into yarn for the YKK NATULON zippers.

D2W Packaging

Downcle is about taking the extra step. Research has shown that most plastic containers and packaging end up in landfills in the same year as they are manufactured, contributing to a considerable amount of solid waste and harmful substances. In 2018, 27 million tons of plastic were disposed off in landfills. In addition to our efforts to divert textile waste from landfills, we have also studied the possibility of diverting plastic waste. 

For Downcle, we have committed to using D2W packaging. Established in 1995, D2W is trademarked by Symphony Environmental Technology Plc. As a pioneer in the development of biodegradable plastic, Symphony Technologies have developed D2W, an additive that converts ordinary plastic into biodegradable plastic. Not only can the plastics containing D2W be recycled, but they also degrade relatively quickly in nature as compared to common plastic packaging.

Warmth That’s Soft on the Planet

When it comes to bedding, there’s no better feeling than the irresistible softness of down. At Downcle, we understand that nature can only be sustained when we do our bit to protect the planet. This has led us to create GRS-certified sustainable bedding products from responsibly sourced materials using environmentally friendly processes.

We employ a rigorous quality inspection process before shipping our products worldwide from our production facility itself. From the careful choice of recycled materials to the quality checks, every step has been centered on preserving the environment and producing sustainably. The result: exceptional bedding that you can feel good about!


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